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Boomerang Pilates Studio is a place located in the centre of Saska Kępa in Warsaw where you can take care of what is most important, your health and well-being, in a friendly environment.

In Boomerang Pilates Studio, we believe that a well applied motion is a medicine both for body and soul. In our studio, we have equipment provided by a renowned Canadian company Stott Merrithew – four reformers, four wunda chairs, a cadillac and a ladder barrel, all at your disposal. Do not worry if these names tell you nothing. Come, take a look and test them. You are also welcome to attend our mat classes.

*Trademark or registered trademark of Merrithew International Inc., used under license.

Photography © Merrithew International Inc.

If you wonder whether Pilates is a training programme for you, the answer is: yes, absolutely. Pilates is the right method for everyone: the young and the little less young, the fit and the sedentary (especially for them!), for athletes whom it helps to achieve better results and for persons prejudiced to physical activity.

Pilates will help you recover from injuries and prevent further ones from happening. By practising Pilates on a regular basis, you will feel better in your own body, you will get rid bad movement patterns and the pain caused by them; you will become stronger and more flexible. Your body will work in the way it has been designed to work; it will move effectively and beautifully. Pilates is a promise fulfilled!

“In 10 sessions you'll feel the difference, in 20 sessions you'll see the difference, and in 30 sessions you'll have a new body”.



Once you try, you will return.


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