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Pilates on Mat

During pilates classes on the mat we use our own body weight as the main source of resistance. However, don’t let that mislead you as this is an extremely effective training that will make your body stronger and more flexible. You will learn to use the power of the deep muscles to move in a more efficient, functional and healthier way and to improve your body posture.

During the classes, you will learn the principles of body work according to the Pilates method from the scratch. You will understand what the centring activation, pelvic and spine stabilisation and mechanics of shoulder blades consist in. During the class, we smoothly go through sequences of precise movements, activating all muscle groups and joints. The classes help restore natural curvatures of the spine, relieve tension, gently but effectively sculpt the body and finally boost confidence.

Pilates on mat is an excellent choice for everyone regardless of their skill level because this training can be easily modified by means of small items such as balls, resistance bands, magic circle or rollers. In this way, you can both raise the challenge or make it easier to move for the less advanced. 


Group Equipment Classes

Classes conducted with a reformer or/and wunda chair.  Both devices are original inventions of Joseph Pilates.

The reformer is a type of bed with a movable mattress fixed to a frame with springs of adjustable tension. The exercises on the reformer can be performed in all positions - lying down, sitting, kneeling, standing - while individual muscle groups and the entire body are being trained at the same time. The resistance of the springs not only gives the exercising person an additional strength and coordination challenge but also it forces better control of each movement and allows one to more clearly feel the work of muscles . As the spring resistance is adjustable, it is an excellent workout for both athletes and complete beginners.

The wunda chair is a type of chair with two pedals which can work jointly or separately. Here, too, we work against the resistance of several pairs of springs, thanks to which you can easily adjust the load and tailor the challenge to the needs of an individual client. The wunda chair is an inconspicuous "piece of furniture" at first sight, which will certainly surprise even very athletic and active people.

If you have never trained on a reformer or wunda chair before, you are welcome to attend 1-3 individual trainings during which you will be able to get familiar with this extraordinary equipment.



Private Equipment Class

est way to start your adventure with Pilates and to maximise your progress if you already know the basics and want to go further and deeper. Each session is tailored just to you, to the needs of your body and the energy you have just brought to the class.

The one-to-one training gives you an opportunity to focus on all the nuances of the body posture, muscle and joint work of the person doing the exercises. During one-to-one training we use the entire equipment of the studio.


Duets Equipment Class

Duets (two-person sessions) is the great way to train together with your friend, work colleague or family member. This option is not only highly motivating but also beneficial. Together with your partner, you will be able to train together for a lower price than in the case of an individual session while keeping all the benefits given by such a session, which is, above all, the teacher’s full attention.


During the classes we focus on relieving the body of various tensions - those caused by a sedentary lifestyle and lack of physical activity, those caused by intensive, exhausting training and "no time" for a decent stretching session afterwards and those caused by stress. 

Since effective and safe stretching cannot be done without simultaneously strengthening the muscles being stretched, the class will also include gentle strengthening exercises. After an hour-long workout, you'll leave with a feeling of a flexible body moving smoothly and a relaxed mind.



The classes are a combination of the classic yoga and vinyasa yoga. During these classes you go through a series of breath-synchronised standing, sitting and equivalent positions which will make you feel balance, strength and peace.

In vinyasa yoga we aim for smooth transitions between postures, which makes it a relatively dynamic form of yoga. Vinyasa integrates movement and breath; this is what turns movement into meditation that calms the mind.

Sequences of asans, performed at the same time, strengthen the weakened parts of the body and loosen the excessively tense ones, build up stamina and calm down. Some positions are held for several breaths, allowing you to have time to focus on correct body alignment, muscle engagement and breathing.



This is a workout performed with a ballet bar or “barre”, designed also for people who have not had anything to do with ballet before. Exercises are performed mainly in the standing position to the rhythm of music, which, if properly chosen, increases coordination and improves the quality of movement. The Barre training draws a lot from yoga and Pilates; similarly in this case, quality of movement and precision are more important than a high number of repetitions and pace. This workout is particularly focused on the lower body parts - feet, calves, thighs, hips and buttocks - and it simultaneously strengthens the muscles of the trunk and arms while improving stability and posture. With regular barre trainings, walking with a straight back will be the most natural thing in the world for you.

Ashtanga introduction

Ashtanga yoga is a dynamic form of yoga that is perfect for people who get bored of having to stay in one position for a long time, as is the case with some other yoga styles. The classes will also meet the expectations of people who want to try yoga practice, but do not know where to start and are afraid that they will find themselves in too advanced classes. They are also a great proposition for people who have had a break in practice and want to return to it safely.

And it's really worth it. Regular practice of ashtanga increases the strength and flexibility of muscles and tendons, and due to the huge role of breathing, it positively affects the oxygenation of the body and the work of the heart. An additional - and perhaps the most important - benefit is also the sheer pleasure and peace achieved during the smooth performance of subsequent asanas.

A characteristic feature of Ashtanga Yoga is the combination of movement and breathing. Transitions between positions (asanas) are smooth, performed to the rhythm of the breath. The asanas are arranged in a constant sequence connected by smooth transitions, the so-called vinyasa. A session always starts with a sequence called the Sun Salutation A and B (Surya Namaskar A and B).

There are six Ashtanga yoga series: basic, intermediate, and four advanced. Each of them consists of a set of ordered items that are performed the same way every time.

During the lesson, you will learn first of the Sun Salutation and the standing sequence from the basic series. It will be an excellent preparation for more advanced classes, such as vinyasa yoga.

Flex & Strong / jogalates (mat)

Mat classes that combine the best of pilates and yoga. The perfect solution for lovers of both activities, but also for people who have never tried any of them and want to strengthen and make them body more elastic at the same time.

Instead of asking what makes Pilates different from yoga, we combine these two forms of work with the body and mind. During one hour of classes you will work on strength, stabilization, mobility, flexibility and balance. Strength needs flexibility to show its fullness, and flexibility needs strength and control to keep movement safe. In these classes you will find both.

Effect: free every day movement, pain reduction, greater range of motion, joint stabilization, better sports results, deeper breathing and more peaceful sleep.

Once you try, you will return.


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