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Co-owner of Boomerang Pilates Studio.

Boomerang Pilates Studio was created out of passion for movement. Movement is life. We have been designed for moving; being motionless is destructive to us. Since nowadays we have fewer and fewer opportunities for spontaneous physical effort, spending more and more time sitting down and the contemporary civilisation's conveniences replace our muscles at every step, it is becoming all the more important to look for opportunities for good exercise. Pilates is without a doubt such an exercise.

Pilates is good for everyone, regardless of one’s age, condition and skills. The brilliance of this method consists in the fact that it is based on the principle of adaptation to the specific needs of a particular person. Pilates does not only bring benefits to the body; it also improves well-being and quality of life. If you want to feel well with your body, try Pilates.


I myself practise Pilates for over ten years; Since 2016 as an active trainer, continuously raising my qualifications through consecutive training courses. I completed, among others training in two leading pilates schools in the world:


  • the Comprehensive Teacher Training Program Global in BASI Pilates
  • Intensive Reformer STOTT PILATES® 


I have also finished the post-graduate studies in the field of yoga and relaxation at the Academy of Physical Education in Warsaw. Privately, I practise astanga yoga which is my second passion, equivalent to that for Pilates.

I have tools, knowledge and experience to take you for a journey to a healthier and fitter body. Come and try, and will be coming back!


Martyna has been involved in sport since childhood, mainly through dance. It is this discipline, as she emphasizes, that taught her the precision of movement and focus on technique. She became a dance instructor very early, being only 16 years old.


“It was love from the very first class. Over time, I started to add strengthening through Pilates method in my dance training. This form of movement quickly took over my heart and I began to develop in that direction. I really want to listen to my body during my classes. It knows best what is best for us” - emphasizes Martyna.



  • Working on mats, module I and II - Body Balanced Pilates School
  • Working in high-risk groups - Body Balanced Pilates School
  • Sports instructor - specialization: fitness
  • Instructor of physical recreation - specialization: dance
  • Floor Barre workshops
  • Preparation of Motorowe Dancers - Level 1 - Train Like Dancers
  • Preparation of Motorowe Dancers - Level 2 - Train Like Dancers
  • Pilates Reformer - TrainLikeDancers, 2023


Professional dancer, choreographer, dance teacher, pilates and yogi instructor.

Iza has been dancing from an early age. It is mainly a contemporary dance; is associated with dance theater; she has performed on many polish and foreign stages. For 10 years she has been conducting group and individual classes throughout Poland.

A graduate of the Academy of Humanities and Economics in Łódź, major in Dance, specializing in dancer - choreographer, and MA studies in dance pedagogy and choreography.

“I believe that movement is a beautiful form of self-therapy. Conscious work with the body and synchronization of movement with the breath are important to me,” - she emphasizes. As she adds, the combination of yoga, pilates and dance gives many opportunities to play with movement, strengthen the body and work with it consciously.



VINYASA YOGA 200H Teacher Training

Pilates Mata - Train Like Dancers

Preparation of Motorowe Dancers - Level 1 - Train Like Dancers

Preparation of Motorowe Dancers - Level 2 - Train Like Dancers

Pilates Reformer – Train Like Dancers


A certified Pilates instructor since 2013. She conducts classes on the mat, using small equipment and on a reformer. Professionally, she combines the role of an instructor and psychotherapist, working mainly with teenagers and adults. For 15 years, a lover of dance - from bachata, through contemporary dance, to swing dances. In 2023, she won the title of Polish Champion and IDO European Vice-Champion in tap dancing.

In individual work, he selects exercises aimed at achieving the client's goals. He appreciates a relaxed and cheerful atmosphere.



  • Certified Pilates instructor - Polish Academy of Sport, 2013.
  • Trainer therapist, specialty: spine - Open Mind, 2020.
  • Dance and Movement Psychotherapist - Polish DMT Institute, 2023.


Other trainings:

  • Pilates MAT 1, MAT 2 - Open Mind, 2017.
  • Pilates on small equipment (body ball, soft ball, band, roller, magic circle) – Open Mind, 2017
  • Pregnancy training - REHA-FIT, 2019
  • Pilates Reformer - TrainLikeDancers, 2023

Once you try, you will return.


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